About Us

We are scientists! – A start-up of scientists passionate about data and scientific method being developed with ethics and professionalism.

Crystal balls and magic algorithms do not work. We offer scientific view capable of delivering objectivity and independence – correct and consistent results.

We believe symbiotic human-machine interaction is the new paradigm for analyses. We seek to increase human intelligence, and never replace it!

Founders Team

Engenio Caner

retrato engenio caner

PhD. Electronic Engineer. Extensive experience in project development and analytical solutions to various companies in different countries.

Electronic engineering from St.Petersburg Polytechnic University in Russia. Researcher at the Brazilian Center for Physics Research (CBPF). Worked on the ATLAS experiment (Higgs Boson particle discovery) at European Organization for Nuclear Research – CERN. Author of various papers and patents.

André Baceti

retrato andre bacetiMsc. Biologist and mathematician from university of Sao Paulo-USP. Experience in different areas such as applied organic chemistry for the development of artificial organs and biosensors has also led to attend the course of applied computational mathematics at USP.

Since 2014, has been coordinating technology development at Murabei. Enthusiastic about microservices believes that much more than only machine learning algorithms, the scientific method and the correct understanding of experimental designs are crucial for developing critical culture within companies.