Service ideal for those who need to implement and to control the discipline of Data Science in an optimized way in time and costs.

Service structured development on web based predictive modeling Platform – PUMPWOOD®, a platform that has been developed by Murabei, which includes a Data Lake specially designed to integrate internal and external sources of information. Modeling data layer allows the construction, maintenance, knowledge dissemination and management of analytical models.

Service includes customization of interface connections with sources of information, data cleaning and harmonization; development and updating of mathematical models and smart indicators; easy dashboard creation, reports and scenarios simulators and services in cloud computing platform.

Price consists of a fixed monthly installment payment plus a variable installment depending on data scientists’ extra needs. SLA requirements are defined for deliveries and assertiveness of analyses.

PUMPWOOD is a framework enabling a system scalable Data Science, and versioning in modeling process evolution.

Cloud computing platform with focus on open source technologies such as R, Python, Docker, Kubernetes, Flask, among others.

PUMPWOOD challenge is to ensure reproducibility of models and analyses, transfer of knowledge within company, audit, and continuous updating of models – fundamental principles of the Scientific Method.

Customized projects to answer specific business questions and to optimize decisions with a strong focus on Science using open mathematical models and increased knowledge transfer as well.

Answers to knowledge value chain questions:

  • What happened?
  • Why did it happen?
  • What may happen?
  • How can we change and improve?

Developing of dynamic models of predictive forecast demand, potential demand and efficiency, clients´ propensity models, among others.

If you are a business firm or a company start up, or simply has an idea and believes that your service or product may gain in value with analytical capacities and predictive - come see our incubator!

Helping to develop new products and API’s, complement solutions and systems customization to incorporate Data Science within your technological solutions.

Developing of MVP’s and wide system evolution. Our financial return will depend on future results as agreed between the parties.

Developing of prior partnerships for improved Marketing and Mix Modeling Platforms, Energy Fraud Analysis, and the use of data from car radar sensors.

We want to bridge the Academic world with the world of enterprises. Develop bilateral partnerships with Universities and Research Centers.

Help professors and researchers of different fields of Science who need analytical support for their researches or projects. Develop solutions together with Academies market focused.

If you are a researcher or a laboratory in need of help or interested in developing a product… Come to meet our company!